Egret 2 Side Arts Re-Production with Silver Color

Vente et achat de bornes d'arcade, et jeux/matériels pour bornes d'arcade.
Achetez et vendez ici des bornes d'arcade et tout ce qui se branche sur une borne.
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Egret 2 Side Arts Re-Production with Silver Color

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Hello People

I have working on this projects since 3-4 months

I have been looking for Original Scan for side arts, and i have found it 2 weeks ago.
Thanks to @mdk for his great efforts. I have ask to him some original measurements to compare with his original cabinets. We worked really hard to make him %100 original. And i have realize some problems even with the original atwork, and fixed it.

This is the plan

* First we have to find out Real Color Code of PINK. ( I need your help about it )
* I have vectorized all details
* Working on Halftones ( I will finish it this weekend )
* Sample Print and test to @mdk to compare with original
* Original UV OFFSET print on the material.

So let see how many pre-order we can collect about it. The UV OFFSET is really expensive and there has to be at least 100 sets at the same time.

If we get enough interest, my target price is : 50 USD. + PP fee + Shipping Cost.

DHL shipping cost is: 19 USD to USA and EUR.
25 USD to AUS.

I can ask another National Postal Service System. Maybe cheaper but slower.

Lets Check the pictures.

Original Scan




Colored ( Grey Are will be original Metallic INK )


Lets check this picture.
The halftone overflowing during the printing.
You will see some Dark pink color areas, those are not effects. They have print the Silver ink First, then they print the pink color but it didnt match %100 then Pink seems darker than original.
I think it is the problem about of the old print technology ;)