FS: RAM expansion PCB for System16 ( Fantasy Zone 2 )
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Auteur :  kold666 [ 23 mai 2020, 13:36 ]
Sujet du message :  FS: RAM expansion PCB for System16 ( Fantasy Zone 2 )

For sale a daughterboad to expand the RAM of the System16 motherboard to 4mbits in a clean way
It can be used to make Fantasy Zone 2 conversions ( needs min. 2mbit of ram)

Price 15€ + shipping for the PCB not assembled.
I will provide BOM and instructions
If you need to have it assembled with RAMS please contact me.

Note: on the back of the PCB there are pads to connect additional address lines to System16 buffers
and the instructions.
In total it's just 5 wires.

NOTE: You have to socket the original program rams of the System16 motherboard and place the daughterboard on top using pinstrips

Once installed you can ran every System16 game up to Fantazy Zone 2




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